How to create your own hosting packages in WHM ?

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What is package (For Reseller Hosting Accounts)?

Packages enables you to create your own custom web hosting packages/plans and are a critical function in WebHost Manager for your Reseller Hosting Plan.
Web Host Manager (WHM) helps you in this process by allowing you to customize a large number of parameters, from disk space and bandwidth to the number of sub-domains and MySQL databases, as well as specifying whether CGI, shell access, and what CPanel default theme are provided.

Step-by-step procedure to create hosting packages in WHM reseller panel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not put “unlimited” text in any fields while creating package as WHM takes “Unlimited” = 1. you can assign some number 99 or 999 or 9999 instead of “unlimited”. Enter “0″ (zero) when you do not want to allow that particluar feature.

To add a package:

1) Click on the Add New Package link in the Packages menu.

2) Enter the name of the package and the maximum disk space the account can occupy in the Package Name and Quota fields.

3) Indicate whether Shell Access is allowed in the Shell Access tick box.

4) Enter the maximum number of items allowed in the Max Ftp Accounts, Max Email Accounts, Max Email Lists, Max SQL Databases, Max Sub Domains, Max Park Domains, and Max Addon Domains fields.
See above IMPORTANT information.

5) Never tick IP tick Box.

6) Indicate whether CGI access and Frontpage Extensions are allowed in the CGI Access and Frontpage Extentions tick boxes.

7) Enter the maximum bandwidth in megabytes allowed by the account in the Bandwidth Limit field.

8 )  Select default CPanel theme for the package in the Cpanel Theme

9) Click on create button on top.

10) You can see status “Created the package yourusername_packagename”. WHM creates packages by adding your user name as prefix to package name.

Now you can start creating domains using this package. 8)