What can you do with eHostPros Linux VPS?

Is your web hosting growing in size and traffic over the years? Getting ten of thousand of daily web visitors are huge traffic and can cause heavy server load. This is when your shared web hosting plan is no longer suitable for hosting your heavy load website. The impact is that your web visitor will get slow webpage loading time, error pages, and they can’t access your webpage. Hosting heavy forum or ecommerce websites, and with lots of web traffic… well then its time to upgrade to ehostpros VPS Hosting.

Following are examples of how to use your private server (VPS Hosting):

  • Host a Web site, including an e–commerce site
  • Support a corporate intranet
  • Build a custom development environment
  • Run Web–based calendaring
  • Stream multimedia applications
  • Host an online game forum
  • Manage an email system
  • Create a customer support tracking system
  • Backup important data
  • Host multiple Web sites

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