Top 4 reasons not to choose free web hosting service

Type of web hosting where you don’t need to pay bills in known as free hosting. Free host generate revenue from different methods. Being free services these hosts do no consider them responsible to deliver high performance.

Let find out why not to choose a free hosting service.

1. Limited features:

Free hosting companies offer very limited features to websites owners. You will get very limited web space, bandwidth and other features. Many quality features are totally neglected in free services. Such as cPanel , Fantastico and add-on domains.

Support is another important factor for any websites. Free hosts do not provide support or it is insufficient.

Many free hosts do not allow you to have your own domain. Your website will be hosted as sub-domain of their main website.

2. Down Time:

Down time is another big problem in free hosting. Your website will go down without any prior notice and there is no guaranteed network up-time.

Down time has very bad affect in search engine ranking, also it affects the credibility of websites.

3. Ads and Banners Placement:

Free hosts generate their income placing ads on hosted websites. You have no control over these ads. Many bad ads or ads of your competitor can be displayed on your web page. The placement of ads can also disturb the design and layout of website.

4. Highly Unreliable:

Free hosts can go out of market at any time. No matter how big is your web host, there is no guarantee and reliability of their existence.

A popular example is Yahoo free hosting service, as they have closed their free web hosting service despite of the fact that they had good budget in web market.

Free hosting can be useful for experimenting and learning. It is not recommended to host business or important websites using free services.

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