Finding The Good Reseller Hosting Provider

Reseller Hosting

There are many factors that have to be considered when you look out for the good reseller hosting account and the three points like back up service, uptime guarantee and 24-hours support is a must for every account. Nowadays in the market, most of the leading companies in hosting industry provide quality services.  Besides all these things, the big companies often have very high price tag.

The reseller account that you choose must provide you with the end user support and has to look into any type of problem. The good service providers should always be affordable and must be trustworthy.

Thats where eHostPros Reseller plans come in.  Their reseller hosting plans will allow you to create unlimited web sites under your own brand name, with your own prices. They provide you with tools and support needed to have your business up and running.  eHostPros reseller plan of 20 GB space and 100 GB Data Transfer is only $14.99/mo. So with this plan you can create 20 one GB hosting plans and sell them for $4 each and make $80 of sales and $65 of profit.

Also Plus, with ehostpros reseller hosting, you can resell domain names for profit too with your cost of $9.99/mo. Use the coupon code EHOST to get 20% Off your reseller hosting order.

eHostPros Domain Registration Extra’s

Domain Hosting

Getting a domain name is not cheap anymore at Godaddy or other domain providers. Since the new price hike of .com .net’s, it makes even more sense to get your domain name at You can also get domain name with domain hosting at same place.  ehostpros charges $11.99/yr. for new domain registrations with tons of extra features.  ehostpros provides the best support and fast servers for fast page loading of your websites.

Difference between Linux and Windows shared hosting

ehostpros shared hosting

In the world of shared hosting, Linux server hosting and Windows server hosting emerge as two contenders for the top position. Though you might think that both are same at the first glance, there is a difference between linux and windows shared hosting.

1) Operating System: Linux hosting can run on Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Red Hat, and Debian while windows hosting operates on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. Though operating system is not a criterion big enough as you can use Linux hosting on windows operating systems and vice-versa.

2) Security: Many people are of the view that security is a big concern with windows servers when compared with linux servers but this is a false perception as server security depends upon the web hosting company and not on operating system. It is, however, believed that hackers favor the operating system of windows.

3) Cost: Linux server hosting is preferred over windows server hosting as linux is a free to use and open source operating system. If that was not all, more web hosting companies of the world provide linux hosting making it win the battle in terms of cost effectiveness.

4) Performance: Linux is more stable and able to deliver better performances as compared to Windows when it comes to handling a lot of processes at the same time.
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