How is your Hosting Control Panel?

Managing a website does not need to be a rocket science. However, if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal, then there is no doubt it wont be a walk in the park. One of the most important aspects of choosing a web hosting plan is considering the ease of management. This is normally through administrative control panel. Whether you are paying for cheap web hosting plan or a premium one, never settle for a deal that does not offer you a all-inclusive control panel.The most widely used and popular control panel is cPanel control panel.


While most of the web hosting providers will offer a control panel tool to enable easy management of your website and other resources, it is important to know that there are various kinds of such tool, and so, you need to be certain that what you have, or going to get has all the features that are vital. Here are some basic features of a good control panel to watch out for.

Getting started

If you are new to the panel, the system will take you through guided steps so as to familiarize with various functionalities in your website back-end. The wizard will take you through steps on how to manage your email accounts, create FTP programs, manage files and applications like databases, install scripts, tune up security features and view statistics, among other things.

Managing emails

One of the most common features you will be using is no doubt emails. Through a control panel, you will be able to create new email accounts, delete existing ones if needed, manage passwords for each account, manage forwarders, auto responders and email filtering system, among others.

File management system

In order to upload content to your web server for public access, you will need to either use web based file manager or an FTP client. If you choose to use an FTP client, then you will have to create FTP accounts with corresponding passwords and target folders. All these setting can be accessed through the control panel. You can as well fine tune security settings so as to make sure your FTP accounts are safe from hacking and intrusion.

Installing additional applications

Among the things you would want to do in your website is extending functionalities by installing third party applications and scripts. Through the control panel, it becomes quite easy to do so even with no deep technical knowledge. Depending on whether your website is on Linux or Windows hosting platform, you can easily install Shopping Carts, Forums software, Blogs, Content Management Systems, Counters and customer support applications, among others.

Viewing statistics

Getting some insights on how your website is performing is quite essential. Stats like bandwidth can help you to know whether your website is getting sufficient visitors or not. If you are on shared web hosting server, you may want to know uptime degree of the servers and if there are frequent outages. This will help you decide whether you need a dedicated plan or not.

Other things you may easily manage through control panel include domains, sub domains, security features such as IP deny and directory password protection, among others.

Cpanel Web Hosting For Time Efficiency Web Hosting

Cpanel web hosting has been preferred by numerous businessmen inspite of the many options that they can choose from. What provides this service is a type of web host that offers various features and capabilities that the site owner can use to suit different requirements specific to his type of business. This is why this kind of web hosting is preferred than others. Among the Linux web hosting options, this is one of the best, if not the best option that offer great autonomy for the site owner to customize his site according to his specific requirements.

Here are some advantages that cpanel offers:

* demands simple site management * allows for the creation of subdomains and unlimited email addresses under a domain name and activation of various databases including MySQL * offers website statistics viewer * uses Fantastico automatic script installer for installation of various content management systems * does not require hard technical skills * comes with email features such as spam filters, auto-responders, email forwarding and others * proven safe and stable

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