Difference between Linux and Windows shared hosting

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In the world of shared hosting, Linux server hosting and Windows server hosting emerge as two contenders for the top position. Though you might think that both are same at the first glance, there is a difference between linux and windows shared hosting.

1) Operating System: Linux hosting can run on Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Red Hat, and Debian while windows hosting operates on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. Though operating system is not a criterion big enough as you can use Linux hosting on windows operating systems and vice-versa.

2) Security: Many people are of the view that security is a big concern with windows servers when compared with linux servers but this is a false perception as server security depends upon the web hosting company and not on operating system. It is, however, believed that hackers favor the operating system of windows.

3) Cost: Linux server hosting is preferred over windows server hosting as linux is a free to use and open source operating system. If that was not all, more web hosting companies of the world provide linux hosting making it win the battle in terms of cost effectiveness.

4) Performance: Linux is more stable and able to deliver better performances as compared to Windows when it comes to handling a lot of processes at the same time.

5) Server access: If you want SSH (Secure shell) or Telnet access, meaning if you want to access files directly on the server without a transfer to/from the hard drive, then only linux gives you the benefits. Some companies do provide this benefit on windows hosting, most offer remote desktop protocol feature or a virtual console.

6) Language Support: When it comes to language support, Windows prevail over linux since windows support many features like ASP, .NET, FrontPage, MSSQL, Access, POP3, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL that are limited as well as expensive with linux.

7) File Names: If you are using a linux server, file names such as contact.html and Contact.html are different names but on a windows server, they are the same names.

8 ) Ease of use: If you are not a tech-savvy individual, you are more than likely to prefer linux over windows.

9) Downtime: Windows hosting often waste precious time of its users by indulging in more downtime when compared to linux. Moreover, windows server takes more resources than linux when it comes to initiating processes, this means more rebooting and time wastage.

Now that we have read about the difference between linux and windows shared hosting, let us find out how you can maximize returns on investments by making a single decision. By opting for shared hosting , preferably Linux server hosting, you can save a huge fortune. In addition to that, shared hosting allows you to make use of expertise at the lowest possible cost. Linux server hosting can be the success path on which you can attain big profits. eHostPros provides both Linux and eHostPros Windows web hosting solutions. 🙂

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