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eHostPros is U.S hosting company founded in 2002. The CEO and president of eHostPros is Rupi Singh. The company isĀ  privately owned in CA, USA based company, is one of the fastest growing Hosting companies with over 120,000 domains, rock solid support and acclaimed network infrastructure. Since 2002, has provided affordable Web Hosting, Domain Registration, VPS hosting and Reseller Hosting solutions to meet the demands of the ever expanding global internet community.

Their serves are located in Dallas, Texas (Softlayer DC), a large facility featuring state-of-the-art security, safety and cooling systems. The servers are constantly monitored by both Softlayer and eHostPros Staff ensuring they are up and working all the time.

Hosting plans

Depending on what you want, eHostPros offers shared, reseller, and vps hosting

Here are the details of the plans:

Plan Platform Price Space Bandwidth Domains
Starter Plan Linux $1.99 Unlimited Unlimited 1
Unlimited Plan Linux $3.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Business Plan with Free SSL+ IP Linux $9.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

All plans include cPanel, Fantastico – 1-click-script-installer ( install bulletin boards, chat, forums phpbb, smf, shopping cart for e-commerce sites -zencart and many more scripts), CGI, PHP 5, MySQL, Ruby On Rails, SSH, Perl, Chilisoft ASP, Python, SSI , Cron, FrontPage, Curl, GD for Captcha (Visual Confirmation), 24/7 support. All features you will need.

When I signed with eHostPros I had the option to register domain with them, or to use my old domain which I did. Payment options were CC – Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX), and PayPal.

Cpanel Web Hosting For Time Efficiency Web Hosting

Cpanel web hosting has been preferred by numerous businessmen inspite of the many options that they can choose from. What provides this service is a type of web host that offers various features and capabilities that the site owner can use to suit different requirements specific to his type of business. This is why this kind of web hosting is preferred than others. Among the Linux web hosting options, this is one of the best, if not the best option that offer great autonomy for the site owner to customize his site according to his specific requirements.

Here are some advantages that cpanel offers:

* demands simple site management * allows for the creation of subdomains and unlimited email addresses under a domain name and activation of various databases including MySQL * offers website statistics viewer * uses Fantastico automatic script installer for installation of various content management systems * does not require hard technical skills * comes with email features such as spam filters, auto-responders, email forwarding and others * proven safe and stable

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Difference between Linux and Windows shared hosting

ehostpros shared hosting

In the world of shared hosting, Linux server hosting and Windows server hosting emerge as two contenders for the top position. Though you might think that both are same at the first glance, there is a difference between linux and windows shared hosting.

1) Operating System: Linux hosting can run on Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Red Hat, and Debian while windows hosting operates on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. Though operating system is not a criterion big enough as you can use Linux hosting on windows operating systems and vice-versa.

2) Security: Many people are of the view that security is a big concern with windows servers when compared with linux servers but this is a false perception as server security depends upon the web hosting company and not on operating system. It is, however, believed that hackers favor the operating system of windows.

3) Cost: Linux server hosting is preferred over windows server hosting as linux is a free to use and open source operating system. If that was not all, more web hosting companies of the world provide linux hosting making it win the battle in terms of cost effectiveness.

4) Performance: Linux is more stable and able to deliver better performances as compared to Windows when it comes to handling a lot of processes at the same time.
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