Tips on Reducing Spam

#1 – In cPanel, set the default address to :fail:

This means that you must have a POP3 account or Mail Forwarder setup for every that you actually want to receive mail at. Any other address@yourdomain will fail. (Which is good, because spammers usually target random email addresses).

#2 – Do NOT use any common email addresses. This includes (accounting, billing, sales, support, webmaster, abuse, ect… ect…)

Instead of having a POP3 or Fowarder for common addresses, setup an auto-responder instead. Your autoresponder could have a message similar to the following:

Were sorry, your message was NOT received. Due to the large amount of spam sent to common email addresses, is no longer a valid address.If you are trying to reach the sales department, please email

This let’s people who are really trying to reach you know the proper address to send mail to. Luckily spammers usually use fake addresses, and will never see the auto-reply.

#3 – If you want to list your email address on your website, make it an image. Spammers sometimes use automated software that searches web sites for email addresses. Luckily their software can not read email addresses if there an image.

#4 – Be cautious when filling out forms on the web. Alot of offers on the web are really just an attempt to get your email address. So if you don’t fully trust a company, don’t give them your email address. If you really want to give an email address to an untrusted company, create a yahoo or gmail account.

Most of these tips are provided by eHostPros Web Hosting